Hirsh Mohindra: Chicago To Increase Property Tax

After Mayor Rahm Emanuel warned of a tax hike for public schools, another wave of increased property taxes is likely to hit Chicago. Chicago city has routinely employed revenue from its property taxes to fund pension payments for its police officers and firefighters. This year, however, in an effort to rescue these funds, property taxes [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: CDFI Deal to Help Chicago

In the early part of October 2015, there was a major deal announced by the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) regarding community development finance institutions (CDFIs). Hirsh Mohindra says that CDFIs are private financial institutions who help their local communities by lending affordable loans to help disadvantaged people; people with low-income, low-wealth. "CDFIs deliver localized financing where it [...]

Hirsh Mohindra Tips: Five Strategies That Help You Get Debt Free

Let’s face it — we’re a nation of spenders. The average American household carries nearly $10,000 in credit card debt, according to CardTrak.com. Yet, despite the widespread availability of credit and pressure to keep up with the Joneses, there are those among us who choose to live debt free. So, here’s five strategies to help [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: June Update 2013

Hirsh Mohindra's view regarding the desirability whether small investors should jump back into the booming equities market. Stocks are having their best start to a year since 1999 and there is a bullish crowd mentality that is pushing the stock market to ever higher levels. However, there remain economic and market fundamentals than don't [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: National Economic Update, Spring 2013

Hirsh Mohindra First Quarter U.S. national business update.

Hirsh Mohindra Report: First Quarter U.S. Economic Expansion

hirsh mohindra The U.S. government said Friday that the economy expanded 2.5 percent in the first quarter over a year earlier, falling short of expectations of 3 percent growth and compounding worries about the global economy. The report came after a report in Japan said its consumer prices fell 0.9 percent in March, underlining challenges [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: Chicago Business Update

Hirsh Mohindra chicago Following fast on the heels of the latest Hirsh Mohindra economic news update regarding the U.S. national economic expansion last  Friday pointing to  a 2.5 percent increase in growth in the first quarter over a year earlier, the local Chicago business outlook of noted local player Mead Johnson Nutrition is seemingly [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: Thoughts On “New Urbanism”

It seems the enthusiastic prognostications for a “new urbanism” in our big established cities has run into a buzz saw of facts running counter to the hype. Chicago, New York, the Pacific Northwest, the San Francisco Bay area and other legacy cities have been welcoming an influx of desirable info economy migrants: young, educated, politically [...]

Hirsh Mohindra Chicago: Florida Economic Forecast 2013

Hirsh Mohindra of Chicago presents its recap of the Florida Economic forecast for 2013 as summarized from several online news sources, including the South Florida Sun Sentinel http://www.sun-sentinel.com

Hirsh Mohindra Chicago: Economic Forecast 2013

Hirsh Mohindra recounts the Chicago economic forecast from 2013 as presented by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and its panel of experts.

Hirsh Mohindra: Mid-Atlantic Region Economic Forecast 2013

Hirsh Mohindra presents its summation of the Mid Atlantic economic forecast for 2013 as summarized from several online sources including the Standard And Poor's online site.

Hirsh Mohindra Florida Forecast 2013: Guarded Optimism

Hirsh Mohindra’s economic reporting team has found that the prospects in 2013 for South Florida remains guardedly optimistic. South Florida’s fastest-growing sector will be construction at 5.5 percent annually, followed by business and professional services at 4.3 percent. The education and healthcare sectors will grow at 2.1 percent, according to the forecast. Here are some [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: New York-Mid Atlantic Region 2013

As Hirsh Mohindra has reported in earlier posts, the economic mood in the nation ranges from guarded optimism in the South and Sun Belt states to continued sluggish conditions in the northern half of the U.S. (excluding the upper Midwest). The regional outlook for the Mid-Atlantic states comprising of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania [...]

Hirsh Mohindra Forecast For Washington State: Outside Pressure Downward

National and international forces are dragging at the Washington state economy, according to the state’s Economic and Revenue Forecast Council. Washington’s slow economic recovery is characterized by high levels of unemployment and higher levels of uncertainty, the council reported during a Sept. 6 review meeting. “A lot of the uncertainty that we’re facing affects the [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: Texas Business Outlook 2013

The outlook from the Dallas Fed regarding improved economic conditions which is consistent with faster growth in Texas for 2013 is reflected in some of the figures the Fed recently cited in its January report: Texas factory activity rose sharply in January, according to business executives responding to the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey The production [...]

Hirsh Mohindra: Chicago Business Outlook 2013

It’s that time of year when Hirsh Mohindra’s business team looks ahead to business and consumer developments across the country. This time it’s the Chicago metro region and the Great Lakes business climate we’re evaluating. Here is an interesting note from U of Chicago’s famed Booth School of Management’s forecast team back in Dec.: “Banks [...]